The Itinerary…

I never know at the beginning of a journey where it is going to end and side trips always happen, but a good itinerary helps me to make sure I get the important stuff in. I want you, dear reader, to have an idea of where we are going!

What you have to look forward to on the Artscapes blog in the coming months:

  • From the upcoming book – the paintings and photographs with their stories as they haven’t been seen before on the blog
  • More travel when it happens with photographs keeping to the theme of the story of landscapes, and the ruins of our mark upon it
  • New paintings (after they have appeared on the newsletter – which is getting some updating as well)
  • Experiments with some video – we’ll see this a little later in the year
  • And… Illustrated thoughts/stories on the journey – confronting change and discovering the meaning of home…

Climb aboard! The journey begins….


** The photo above from the San José Mission in San Antonio, Texas. The mission was founded in 1720, with most of the structures completed in the 1780’s. The parish is still active today. More history…

Photo ©2012 Michelle Basic Hendry