Fundraiser at the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond

chair painting

While I have been quietly working away on new things, reading, experimenting and beginning new long terms projects (more in June!), I got to donate a small 5×5 painting to the Fine Art Institute of Edmond here in Oklahoma City, where I take my printmaking classes with Bert Seabourn. They are doing a fundraiser to support some of their wonderful programs. Each painting is 5×5 and the sale is on 5/5 (May 5 at 5 pm). It should be a fun evening. Paintings by Bert and some of my talented classmates including Joan Frimberger will be available. Every painting is $55. Visit the FAI site if you think you can come!

Being in transition, this piece is a little of the old and a little of the new. It uses a background of collaged poetry covered in rice paper and stained with browns, bronze and golds (hard to see the subtle effects in the photograph). The chair is an antique from back home. I left the background grubby and matte, like old wallpaper and glazed the chair with gloss. There are secrets locked away in the collage. What I didn’t take into consideration was how difficult it would be to paint the fine spindles of the chair on the rough surface!


That little post on early 20th century art that I talked about last time has grown into a monster. It may end up being a couple posts. I have learned some fascinating things about Modernism that I plan to share when I have wrapped my head fully around it. More experiments on the way too…


  1. says

    We haven’t actually covered much about Modernism, so will be looking forward to the post :)

    very nice chair :) the shadows really makes it look 3D

    • Michelle says

      Hope I can deliver! It’s been a ride through theosophy and mathematics, aesthetics and spirituality so far. On both sides of the Atlantic.
      Thanks Jennifer Rose!

  2. says

    Old & new makes for transformtions and growth. Wonderful.
    And yes, me too looking forward to everything you have to say about modernism because I snored through art history and really look forward to your perspective.

    • Michelle says

      It’s a struggle after the way things have been. Change happens on the outside sometimes faster than on the inside. The inside needs to catch up!

      It won’t be art school style modernism – LOL! I never go the usual route…